Seattle Symphony at Benaroya Hall – Potlatch Symphony

Musicians from the Seattle Symphony performed an outstanding symphony with members of the native community from the Puget Sound area. The symphony was composed by Janice Giteck and entitled Potlatch Symphony. Potlatch is a native word that means “a gift”.Ms. Giteck worked with the native community throughout the course of a year to incorporate the Seattle Symphony sound and the native people’s music. The result is a unique piece of music paying respect to both musical genres.

Potlatch Symphony was presented during the free Day of Music at Benaroya Hall in Downtown Seattle, Washington on September 22, 2013.

Details about the videos, including the musicians, are listed below.

Video – Part 1

Seattle Symphony and Seattle Symphony Chorale
Conducted by Ludovic Morlot
Playing Alexander Borodin’s Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor

Potlatch Symphony
Composed by Janice Giteck
Processional: The Changer (Chinook Jargon Song)

Video – Part 2 (Video shows excerpts from the performance listed below)

Potlatch Symphony
Composed by Janice Giteck

Part 1: Lone Eagle Spirit
Part 2: Meeting
Part 3: Quartet Exchange: Improvisation
Part 4: Dance Catcher
Recessional: Chief Dan George Song

Stilian Kirov, Conductor
Paul Taub, Flute & Bass Flute
Paul “Che Oke Ten” Wagner, Native Flute
Laura Deluca, Clarinet & Bass Clarinet
Swil Kanim, Native & Classical Violin

Thank you to Benaroya Hall for the free Day of Music and to all of the musicians, conductors and composer for their hard work in their performance!