Featured Photo:
End of the Road to Mount Shasta at Bunny Flat Trailhead

Mount Shasta at Bunny Flat Trailhead

Hey, how’s it going? Lisa here. Here’s a photo from late October 2021 with my old Canon Rebel camera (circa 2006).

It was a magical morning when I took this photo at the “end of the road” to Mount Shasta at the Bunny Flat Trailhead. We had been treated to a dumping of snow in the late fall and we got to enjoy 14,000 foot Mt. Shasta in all her glory days before Halloween.

As with the preceding years, 2021 had been a long, hot, destructive fire season that saw Mount Shasta lose all of her snow. The Lava Fire burned over 26,000 acres on the northwest flank of the mountain and surrounding area. Days like the ones in this photo in October and November make me appreciate her all the more.

Currently, there’s no denying that spring is here after a mild winter. Much as I had wished there would be more snow, it just never came.

There will be plenty of hiking to be had on Shasta and in the surrounding areas as the wildflowers start to bloom over the next few months. The past few days have given us a blast of warm weather in the lower 70s which felt like a heatwave to me! Now, just after the spring solstice, Mt Shasta is already starting to lose some snow, which normally holds on until June. For now, I’ll have to enjoy the look back to more breathtaking times like last October.