Flowering Dogwood Tree and Snowcovered Black Butte in Siskiyou County, Northern California in the shadow of Mount Shasta - Lisa K. Kuhn

Featured Photo: Flowering Dogwood Tree with snow-etched Black Butte

Although well into spring, the first weekend of May 2024 saw a late-season snowstorm in Northern California around Mount Shasta.

Snowing for several hours on a Saturday afternoon, the flurries returned momentarily in the evening.

The storm left a lovely dusting of what looked like black and white etchings at lower levels throughout the region.

Though the snow level had been down to 2,500 feet, we knew that the flowering dogwood trees were in bloom along a local hiking trail.

A special flower to me, I first noticed the dogwoods on the shore while kayaking on Lake Siskiyou a few years before. They’ve become a seasonal tradition for me to seek out.

Leading the way along the trail, my “location scout” pointed out Black Butte behind the flowering dogwoods. The yellowish-green flowers were in stark contrast to the fresh snow on the peak in the distance.

It was a joy to branch out and capture a new scene of the lava dome and flowering dogwood tree.