Where to Take Surfing Lessons in Northern Peru

Many argue that the origins of surfing can be found in La Libertad in the coastal fishing town of Huanchaco in northern Peru when – nearly 3,000 years ago – local fishermen crafted reed boats called caballitos de totora to surf the long-breaking waves to snatch fish from the ocean waters.

Present-day Huanchaco offers a host of surf schools available to get you on the waves. Whether you’re new the a surf board or can hang ten with the best, Huanchaco has you covered with accomplished surf teachers ready to take you to the next level.

Surfing lessons are generally $15 USD and renting surf equipment will run about $9 a day.

Below are a few schools that can help you get out on the waves. See the end of this post for Huanchaco Surf Report and photo of the caballitos de totora.

#1 – Surf School Muchik

Surfing Lessons in PeruSurf School Muchik has two locations in Huanchaco:

1) Near the Pier (good for beginners) at Victor Larco Avenue No. 650
2) Near the entrance of town area called “The Elio” (good for advanced surfers; near where surf contests are held) Avenue LA RIVERA No. 360

At Surf School Muchik they offer surfing rentals, organized surf trips, surfboard repair, and surfing lessons.

Their surf rentals include surfboards, bodyboards, wetsuits, boots, lycra tops, leash, wax and more.

Their surfing instructors have 20 years of experience and teach patience, responsibility and understanding to their surfing students. They are certified professionals who have been awarded surfer of the year by Trujillo League Sufboard.

English speaking instructors are available. They teach to five year olds and up and beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. View Surf School Muchik website.

Video of Surf School Muchik instructors teaching their students:


#2 – Surf Hostel Meri (formerly Surf Hostal Lily)

Surf Hostel Meri & Surfing SchoolSurf Hostel Meri (formerly Surf Hostal Lily) is both a hotel and a surf school.

The surf school offers surfing lessons as well as renting all of the equipment you’ll need – surfboards, bodyboards, paddle boards, wetsuits, leashes, finns.

Looking for the ultimate surf trip souvenir? How about a custom built surf board by in-house shaper Yenth Ccora? Also available for sale are new and used boards.

Address: La Ribera 720, Huanchaco, Trujillo, Peru
Phone: +51 44 462264
Email: hostel.meri@gmail.com
Facebook: Surf Hostel Meri Facebook

Watch Yenth Ccora create a custom surfboard at Surf Hostel Meri:


#3 – My Friend Hospedaje (Surf Hostel)

My Friend Hospedaje
Another option in Huanchaco for a hostel and surf school is My Friend Hospedaje. They are just around the corner from the main street along the beach. There is also a restaurant onsite.

Surf lessons with professional surf instructors and equipment rental can be arranged.

Address: Los Pinos 553, Huanchaco, Trujillo, Peru
My Friend


#4 – Indigan Surf School

Indigan Surf School

Credit: Indigan Surf School Facebook Page

Indigan Surf School offers lessons and custom surf trips. Surf instructors have between 10 – 14 years of surfing experience. They have instructors that speak Spanish, English and German.

Address: Dean Saavedra 582, Huanchaco, Peru
Phone: (+51) 968 309 066

Indigan Surf School





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*Bonus – Surf Report: Huanchaco, Peru

Surfing in Punta Huanchaco, Trujillo, Peru will give you the experience of riding some of the longest breaks in the world. Below is a Surf Report including swell height and 7-day forecast for Punta Huanchaco, Peru.




Caballitos de totora – reed fishing boats

Caballitos de totora – reed fishing boats on the beach in Huanchaco