Overview: Argentina

Located at the southern tip of South America, Argentina is a geographically diverse country. Untamed Argentine Patagonia in the south is a reminder that mother nature is alive and well. Natural forces beyond our control of wind, rain and snow create majestic sites unlike any other in the world.

To the west, the Andes mountain peaks reach nearly 23,000 feet. The lush pampas grasslands dominate the central eastern portion of the country nurturing cattle that become the world famous Argentine beef – asado. The western central region is home to Mendoza and its internationally recognized wines.

To the east on the South Atlantic Ocean, the capital city of Buenos Aires with its architecture that resembles and rivals that of Paris, is a distinct reminder that Argentina is a country with the ancestors of three million Europeans immigrants. For a people with strong European cultural ties, Argentina has become a country with its own distinct personality. It is a country all its own.

Below are the latest travel articles on Argentina. You’ll find articles about the historic theater turned bookstore, find out where to rent a bicycle in San Telmo and take a look back at the century-old Metro Linea A wooden carriage cars. Feel free to read the individual articles of get the full overview of Argentina.

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