For Refugees, it’s the end of ‘The Jungle’ in Calais, France

This is the first of my articles about Human Rights - French authorities are raising the Calais migrant jungle camp to the ground. Refugees will have the option to seek asylum in France and be temporarily relocated elsewhere within France or be returned to their home country.

Best Happy Hour in Anacortes, Washington – Rockfish Grill Appetizers and Beer from the Anacortes Brewery

For the budget minded, happy hour at the Rockfish Grill in Anacortes, Washington can't be beat. All food on the happy hour menu is $3.99 per item and $1.00 off all beer and wine. Beer is from the Anacortes Brewery.

The Los Angeles Theatre – Movie Palace Jewel of South Broadway

View video and photos from inside the historic Los Angeles Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. Located in the historic Broadway Theatre District, the majestic Los Angeles Theatre was built in 1931. It was the last of a long line of theaters built downtown between 1911 and 1931.

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