Eye on the World

When I’m not traveling, I love to keep my mind and heart connected to what’s happening internationally.

Below are some resources to take your head and heart to other countries and learn about what’s going on in the world through podcasts and videos.

Simple Radio – Free Live AM FM Radio & Music App

Download: Android | iOS

Free app to listen to music from around the world.

Focus on Europe – Spotlight on People by Deutsche Welle (DW)

5 minute video segments | Video Podcast
Watch via: DW Website | Apple Podcasts

Short English language video podcasts offering a glimpse of life for people in Europe. Episodes include visits to Greece, Bulgaria, Switzerland, France, the UK, and Russia.

Inside Europe by Deutsche Welle (DW)

55 minutes | Weekly Podcast
Listen via: DW Website | Apple Podcasts

Weekly English language podcast from the German news organization highlighting news around Europe.

BBC Global News Podcast

Episodes available for 30 days

WebsiteApple PodcastSpotify

Channel 4 News (London, UK)

English news channel based out of London with UK and world news. There are several wonderful, in-depth news programs and podcasts on the channel. Their main anchor is English journalist Jon Snow, always a delight with his casual manner and colo(u)rful socks and ties. He’s been with the channel since 1989. His blog can be found here. He’s on Twitter here.

Wonderful programs like Uncovered, Ways to Change the World. Podcast listed at bottom.

Watch their full programmesWebsite | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Website | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | Twitter

teleSUR English

Latin American multimedia platform

Website | InstagramFacebook | Youtube | Twitter

NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) in Europe on Instagram helping refugees –

Worldwide Tribe


The March of Hope

Website | Instagram

Choose Love / Help Refugees

Website | Instagram


Website | Instagram

Committee To Protect Journalists


Amnesty International

Non-governmental organization


International Rescue Committee (IRC)



United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – The UN Refugee Agency


Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International

Website (USA) | Website (MSF International)

Afghan Mobile Mini Circus for Children

Since 2002 MMCC has been teaching the circus arts to children in Afghanistan. Follow their positivity on their Instagram.

Website | Instagram

Unreported World

From Channel 4 News (London, UK)
Foreign Affairs series

Stories from around the world. Covering news in Nicaragua, Congo, Italy, Pakistan, Brazil and much more.

YoutubeFacebook | Website

Going Back to Pakistan: 70 Years After Partition

by Al Jazeera English
25 minutes | Youtube documentary (2017)
Watch via: Youtube | Article on Aljazeera.com | Read the Filmmaker’s View

This is the story of 92-year-old Krishan Kumar Khanna returning to his homeland. In 1947, he was forced to leave during the Partition of India, the division of British India which created separate states for India and Pakistan. During this time, at least one million people died, thousands of women were raped, and 14 million people were displaced.

But in this short documentary, Krishan Kumar Khanna just wants to return home before he dies. He says, “The hatred isn’t between people, it’s between governments.”

Learn more about the division in this article in The New Yorker.

Graham Norton (UK)

Graham’s had me laughing for 20 years.


Ismo: Ass Is The Most Complicated Word In The English Language

via Conan O’Brien
6 minutes (2018)
Watch via: Youtube

If you need a laugh and can deal with hearing the word “ass” innocently used countless times in this 6-minute comedy routine, Finnish comedian, Ismo, will make you laugh your ass off with his explanation of why “ass” is the most complicated word in the English language.