Photo of the Week: Flight over Patagonia in Southern Chile


When it’s time to hop on a plane…

To say South America is a massive continent is certainly an understatement. Solely relying on ground transportation, while cost effective, is extremely time consuming.

Starting in Arica at the top of Chile, it took four weeks of coastal bus travel (taking in 10 cities for an average of 3 days each) and we had only made it a little more than half way down the Chilean coast. (continue reading below photo…)

View from the plane window over Patagonia in Southern Chile
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Flight from Balmaceda to Punta Arenas in southern Chile

Continuing south, another good chunk of travel with covered with a 20-hour ferry ride from the fishing village of Quellón on the island of Chiloé. Navigating through the fjords of southern Chile, we arrived in Puerto Chacabuco late on a Tuesday night.

Still at least an 18 hour bus ride to our destination of Punta Arenas, we finally had to give in and hop on a plane for the final southern stop on our travels in Chile.

Seeing the up-close, day to day life from your bus window as you pass small towns and countryside gives you an intimate portrait of your travels.

For a region as large as Patagonia, the breathtaking views from your airplane window gives you a special appreciation for the wondrous landscape which can rarely to be matched.

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Lisa Kuhn

Lisa has traveled through South America for three months exploring Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina. She also traveled extensively in the Western United States including Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana and South Dakota. Lisa has traveled to Europe three times including her first trip in Europe backpacking for three months of solo-travel.

2 responses to “Photo of the Week: Flight over Patagonia in Southern Chile”

  1. We also took a flight to Southern Patagonia (Puerto Montt to Punta Arenas) a few months back and it was, by far, the most picturesque flight we’ve ever been in. We thought it was worth to pay the price of the flight because not only you save your body from all those long hours on a bus, but also because it’s more like an aerial tour of the beautiful Patagonia. Amazing landscapes with snow capped mountains and lakes!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Zara – Yes, that is definitely the way to go for getting around in that region! We were amazed at the beautiful landscape and it saved us an incredible amount of time & energy.

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