Photo Gallery: Church of San Francisco – Castro, Chiloé Island, Chile


Interior Dome - Church of San Francisco

Interior Dome – Church of San Francisco

Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000, the Churches of Chiloé are a completely unique structure to Chiloé Island in southern Chile.

It is evident that it was the local boat builders who conceived the truly breathtaking architecture that is represented in the Iglesia de San Francisco in Castro on Isla Grande de Chiloé.You can see the direct correlation of the hull of a wooden fishing boat as you look up at the ceiling of the church with its strategically aligned wooden slates.

There are sixteen wooden churches on Chiloé that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bus tours of the churches can be taken leaving from Ancud and Castro. Learn more about Chiloé – At Risk: Nature Lover’s Paradise on Isla Grande de Chiloe, Chile

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