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Lisa KuhniLiveWhereIam.com is the travel site of Lisa Kuhn. I created this website in hopes of inspiring people to travel and realize that they don’t have to break the bank to do it.

iLiveWhereIam.com – What’s With The Name?

Having never been one to come up with clever nicknames for people or a suitable name for a pet, I’m quite amazed that I am still happy with my travel site name after coming up with it in 2007.

That year was the first year I didn’t have a home after packing up my belongings and putting them into storage. Upon checking into motels in the western United States, after seeing my driver’s license people would say – “oh, you live in Washington State” and I would reply, “Well, I’m just traveling right now”.

This would thoroughly confuse people. Many people felt the need to ask, “But… where do you live?” And it finally dawned on me… I Live Where I am. Where’s my stuff? It’s in Washington State.

OK, it’s just a name… but it’s a big accomplishment for someone who’s had two cats named ‘Kitty’.

I’m currently based in Western Washington and enjoying the incredible nature it has to offer. I don’t travel all the time, but being a web designer allows me to keep mixing things up.

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